What’s been happening over the last month?

Hey Everyone,

So August / September has seen a mix of holidays, work trips, some irl events (i know, who’d have thought there is life outside of WoW) and generally a bit of down time for a number of our guild members.

We haven’t been idle though – we’ve kept our weekly +15 keys done, done some normal SoD runs on alts / mains as well as running HC to get those Stygian Embers to upgrade those all important domination shards as well as to get some loot upgrades from weekly vault.

Coming out of holiday season we are getting back into HC progression again and are continuing to work on getting Soulrender down – and a kill is definitely in the air.

Over the last 3 weeks we have also welcomed 4 new members into the guild who have settled right in, are having fun (we haven’t been told otherwise!) and who co-incidentally have really helped our raid composition and ability to be flexible when forming our raid group.

If you are looking for a new guild that is still active and raiding please look us up in the in game guild recruitment and make an application, or whisper any of the officers Altisha, Corseca, Lylalaria, Sharmand, Shkar or Xialia. We don’t bite ( we promise), and will have a chat on discord to see if the guild is a good fit for you and also if you are a good fit for the guild and we’ll take it from there.

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