Progressing through SoD, and breaking the routine

It’s been a while since the last update, but as usual there have been many activities over the last couple of weeks, let’s a have a wrap-up!

On the 4th of November our regular raid-leader returned from a well deserved holiday. Our backup raid-leader has tried everything in our regular’s absence to get Kel’Thuzad out of the way. Needless to say, the threats and callouts that people ‘fondly’ remembered from yesteryear were flying left on right on discord. Unfortunately nothing seemed to help… In an ultimate attempt to motivate our raiders and officers alike, the backup raid-leader promised to give back lead to our regular the moment the kill was done and we were to move on to Sylvanas… Was this simply a gesture of pure kindness, or did self-preservation come to mind? We might never find out… We do know that the results speak for themselves; On the first pull of the night Kel’Thuzad went down, and we are back on track for AOTC.

We moved the same night up to Sylvanas and are currently doing our regular progression approach; moving from phase to phase, taking down the obstacles and learning the fight as we go. At the time of this writing we’re consistently hitting P3 and moving across the platforms. With the progression we’ve made so far, and the dedication of our fantastic team, there is no doubt the kill is only nights away.

To break the daily routine we’ve planned for a couple of events that are not usually on the calendar. First of all, there was the Valorant night on the 19th of November, mainly organized by Ryan and Dillan. We ended up with 8 to 10 motivated people -some more experienced than others- and continued to hunt each other down for the remainder of the night. Fantastic atmosphere, and great to see and learn some new things. Thanks a lot for organizing this, and helping some poor sods out with basic game mechanics.

Another routine-breaker was a mythic raidnight on the 24th of November. We’ve been motivating people during the previous weeks to sign and show, in order to keep the number of pugs to an absolute minimum. The grand result was that we only had to have 3 pugs, and 1 old acquaintance from another realm. Despite the latency issues and not being able to trade things like buff food and runes, we’ll comfortably call the night a great success with 2-shotting the Tarragrue! We moved on to the eye after that, but that was a bridge too far without properly studying tactics. After a couple of tries we decided to end on a high and call it an early night. Rumor has it though, that after we called the raid, tactics were coming through from another realm…. Latency is a horrible thing…

Last but not least, we are working on getting people that fancy it KSM. This season is quite appealing in terms of affixes and general requirements, and it’s good preparation for any raid. With our current numbers and players we’re confident we can get a couple more masters in the following weeks!

So far for our recent activities. Expect an update on the Sylvanas HC kill soon!

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