Council of blood HC

On the 19th of March we had our first run as a new guild. Synfull went in super motivated and results speak for themselves! Having downed 4 hc bosses in the first hour, focus was on clearing the way to the Council to carry on progressing next Tuesday. With 6/10HC down, and about 15 minutes of raidtime left we decided to have a go at Council anyway. To everybody’s suprise, the boss that has been causing us such a headache for the last couple of weeks went down with our first try! Okay… 3 people left standing, but I didn’t hear any complaints and a kill is a kill in the end 😉

Fantastic job to everybody involved in the kill. Thanks for your focus for this raid and your trust in general. Special thanks to Thomas for bringing up a new tactic we haven’t yet tried. Onwards we go for Sludgefist!


One thought on “Council of blood HC”

  1. I wanna give credit where its due, Dillan was with me when we found this tactic xd so joint effort in my eyes… well done to all and we are gonna crush it on tuesday xd

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