A night of rated pvp

Having cleared HC Nathria several times and achieving to get Curve for all our raiding members, boredom of seeing the same bosses over and over again was kicking in. As a primarily PVE-focussed guild we were looking for ways to keep the group together in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Was it going to transmogs? Or M+?

After consulting our regulars we found that people expressed interest in a PVP event. And so it began…

Ramped up by the inspiring leadership of Thomas and Dillan we got a nice rotating team ready to kick some horde ass. Unfortunately, the horde weren’t going to let us have our victories just that easy… Ganking all the way (or… trying at least), being obliterated by +1400 rated teams, we finally got what was rightfully ours; Our well deserved Call of Duty achievement for winning an RBG. Great job to all involved in this guild achievement.

It’s been a fantastic night folks. It was very impressive to see people were willing to step out for others and I can only say I’m hoping to see more RBG nights. Special thanks to Dillan and Thomas for stepping up to organise such an event. Toasting on many more to follow!


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