Castle Nathria Ahead of the Curve 16th April 2021

So after a great run of hc progression clearing a new HC boss per raid, and in particular SLG, it’s fair to say we hit a bit of a wall on HC Denathrius. Some raid bosses can be forgiving if there’s the odd error or two, however Denathrius isn’t forgiving in the slightest. Everyone has to be on their ‘A’ game, maximising dps uptime whilst doing mechanics meticulously.

So with our usual composition we worked hard to consistently get into P3, finessing P1 and P2 on every attempt, although Armand and Shkar quite often forgot to do ‘march of the penitent’ between P1 & P2 and a number of us were caught out by the ‘crescendo’ from cabalists coupled with ‘massacre’ often led to occasional wipes through being knocked off the platform or sliced by Remornia.

The thing that was really doing us over was ‘fatal finesse’ in P3 and then positioning whilst soaking ‘smouldering ire’. So after 80 odd pulls we realised that our usual 2/3/9 composition was making the kill elusive. So to keep motivation going we agreed to run 2/2/6.

With the smaller composition and smaller boss health pool we started to consistently get to 7% and then it happened in typical ‘synfull’ style we got the kill with 4 people alive including Purpleblade, Sharmand (even though he anked), Lylalaria and Ydrah.

Special mention to Altisha who as he was tossed off the platform into the abyss, taunted Denathrius to allow tank debuffs to drop off of Xialia to help with that last few percent.

Dedication of all raiders and our progression is fantastic as ever……we got the kill after 102 pulls (that’s 102 feasts, 10 cauldrons and at least 1500 augment runes) – well done everyone.

NB Post europhic raid note – interrogation of the logs revealed a trinket being used that caused some deaths in our raid runs… know who you are who are using ‘Splintered Heart of Al’ar’ – killing your fellow guildies to stay alive… Game of Thrones vocabulary ‘Shame…Shame….Shame’.

Now we are focussing on getting everyone AOTC before 9.1 drops when the fun begins all over again.

Stone Legion Generals HC fractured

On 26th March there we were looking at SLG and thinking will we or won’t we continue our streak of a progression HC kill per raid. We spent the first hour practising our approach using heroism to get us further each time into each sequential phase of the fight. Our hunters and their ‘turtling’ really helped in phase three with the soaking of eruptions and being tight on the crystallising / meteor mechanic allowed our healers to have an easier time of it.

Then on the 13th pull just after our usual drink and bio break everything came together, the phases went really smoothly and with heroism up for phase three we got the kill. Whilst really ecstatic we were all a little shell shocked that we’d managed to get SLG HC down in just over an hour. It just goes to show that calm, measured and regular communication during a pull can result in the most mechanic heavy of boss fights in Nathria being easily overcome.

We spent the rest of the raid reading up on Denathrius HC and practising phase 1 in preparation for the next raid. Will we continue our HC progression kill streak and down Denathrius HC next week, check back to find out….

Sludgefist HC pounded

On 23rd March, we were back in Castle Nathria staring down Sludgefist HC. Still riding high from the Council kill, anticipation was high that we’d continue to make progress by downing this dps check boss. With no 190 ilvl players in sight we settled in for the evening. It took us a while to get our eye back in and get used to the additional mechanic, plus we had some silly wipes due to the breaking of linked chains. In the end though with drill sergeant shkar charting the ranged group’s pathway through the rubble and active coherent and continuous communications from our main tanks Sludgefist fell on our 12th attempt.

With just under an hours raid time left we had a few euphoric attempts on Stone Legion Generals HC to see what we’d be up against in the next raid. Everyone’s looking forward to seeing if we can maintain our record of a HC kill per raid. Great job everyone , we are edging closer to getting curve.