As much as we are here to enjoy our free time, there need to be a number of guidelines and rules to accommodate an atmosphere of equality and inclusivity. On this page you’ll find an extract of our core-values and the expectations we have of our members and ourselves.

  • Behave in a respectful manner.
  • Be transparent. If there is anything on your mind, if anything is bothering you or if you feel treated unfairly, please approach any of the people in our leadership team. This can be whoever you feel most comfortable with. We will address the issue in a neutral manner and inform you of the outcome of any discussions.
  • We will address any complaints or concerns as quickly as possible. This will enable us to address them appropriately and alleviate any grievances promptly.
  • Please notify your leadership team if you are planning to have a break for 2 weeks or longer. This will allow us to plan and ensure the continuity of our raiding team during any absences. Conversely if you are not communicative, we might have to ask people to step in to fulfil your role in the raid.
  • If at any time you no longer feel comfortable with the class or spec you are playing, please raise this to any of the leaders. We will consider your request to change character if your skillset and item level is on par with the character you are replacing. Also we will need to consider the raid composition in any decisions that are taken so that the raid will not suffer as a result of your request. It is generally not desirable to change too often, or mid-tier. Therefore approval to change is not guaranteed.
  • We as your leadership-team will make mistakes, mess up or be oblivious to things at times. So please help us by telling us what is going on, so we can improve as a team and make the guild a more friendly and sociable place!

With kind regards,

The Synfull leadership team

– Thomas (Altisha), Gar (Corseca), Dillan (Lylalaria), Armand (Sharmand), Phil (Shkar) and Rosanne (Xialia) –