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    Altisha (Thomas)

    Hey there

    Synfull-Dragonblight, as a guild strive for a warm and welcoming atmosphere within the guild. Our biggest rule within our guild is to respect each other. We love witty banter and also building friendships, giving more people a fun experience whilst doing current/ old content. No matter your playstyle, or your plans in the game, I’m sure there will be a spot within our guild for you.

    We have members of the guild who do all different aspects of the game, be it raiding, mythic + , PVP or just levelling.

    We are currently 7/10 HC SOD and are looking for members to fill our ranks, preferably ranged dps with a strong off spec healer, a melee dps with a strong off spec tank, a DH, a mage of any spec and monk. Our raid nights are currently Tuesday and Thrusday at 21:00 ST.

    We are looking for individuals who have Cunning, Uniqueness, Nerve and talent.

    Anyone is welcome to apply to our guild, just be fun and have banter and be respectful.

    If you wish to join Synfull contact any of the leadership team in game, or reply to this topic with a method of contacting you.

    Once contacted by one of the leadership team and after a chat about your aspirations and our expectations, if successful you will be invited to join.

    Altisha, Corseca, Lylalaria, Sharmand, Shkar and Xialia

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