Sylvanas’ demise

On December 3rd 2021, Synfull went back in to the Sanctum of Domination to take care of Sylvanas on HC. After struggling for weeks we were eager to finally close this chapter and prepare for 9.2.

The mechanics of the fight itself were not overly complicated. Here and there some tight requirements, but that’s stuff you can work on. What we felt was really making this fight hard is that people were required to focus for nearly 15 minutes, and that the loss of a single player in the earlier phases would ultimately lead to our demise. Needless to say this resulted in a fair bit of frustration.

Eventually I’m happy to announce that, even though one of our tanks was rather premature in deciding on a wipe by stepping off the ledge, we got the kill well in time to make sure the unfortunate raiders that weren’t able to join us on kill-night still got curve.

A big Thank You to everybody who was involved in getting the kill! Eager to see what 9.2 has in store for us!

Progressing through SoD, and breaking the routine

It’s been a while since the last update, but as usual there have been many activities over the last couple of weeks, let’s a have a wrap-up!

On the 4th of November our regular raid-leader returned from a well deserved holiday. Our backup raid-leader has tried everything in our regular’s absence to get Kel’Thuzad out of the way. Needless to say, the threats and callouts that people ‘fondly’ remembered from yesteryear were flying left on right on discord. Unfortunately nothing seemed to help… In an ultimate attempt to motivate our raiders and officers alike, the backup raid-leader promised to give back lead to our regular the moment the kill was done and we were to move on to Sylvanas… Was this simply a gesture of pure kindness, or did self-preservation come to mind? We might never find out… We do know that the results speak for themselves; On the first pull of the night Kel’Thuzad went down, and we are back on track for AOTC.

We moved the same night up to Sylvanas and are currently doing our regular progression approach; moving from phase to phase, taking down the obstacles and learning the fight as we go. At the time of this writing we’re consistently hitting P3 and moving across the platforms. With the progression we’ve made so far, and the dedication of our fantastic team, there is no doubt the kill is only nights away.

To break the daily routine we’ve planned for a couple of events that are not usually on the calendar. First of all, there was the Valorant night on the 19th of November, mainly organized by Ryan and Dillan. We ended up with 8 to 10 motivated people -some more experienced than others- and continued to hunt each other down for the remainder of the night. Fantastic atmosphere, and great to see and learn some new things. Thanks a lot for organizing this, and helping some poor sods out with basic game mechanics.

Another routine-breaker was a mythic raidnight on the 24th of November. We’ve been motivating people during the previous weeks to sign and show, in order to keep the number of pugs to an absolute minimum. The grand result was that we only had to have 3 pugs, and 1 old acquaintance from another realm. Despite the latency issues and not being able to trade things like buff food and runes, we’ll comfortably call the night a great success with 2-shotting the Tarragrue! We moved on to the eye after that, but that was a bridge too far without properly studying tactics. After a couple of tries we decided to end on a high and call it an early night. Rumor has it though, that after we called the raid, tactics were coming through from another realm…. Latency is a horrible thing…

Last but not least, we are working on getting people that fancy it KSM. This season is quite appealing in terms of affixes and general requirements, and it’s good preparation for any raid. With our current numbers and players we’re confident we can get a couple more masters in the following weeks!

So far for our recent activities. Expect an update on the Sylvanas HC kill soon!

What’s been happening over the last month?

Hey Everyone,

So August / September has seen a mix of holidays, work trips, some irl events (i know, who’d have thought there is life outside of WoW) and generally a bit of down time for a number of our guild members.

We haven’t been idle though – we’ve kept our weekly +15 keys done, done some normal SoD runs on alts / mains as well as running HC to get those Stygian Embers to upgrade those all important domination shards as well as to get some loot upgrades from weekly vault.

Coming out of holiday season we are getting back into HC progression again and are continuing to work on getting Soulrender down – and a kill is definitely in the air.

Over the last 3 weeks we have also welcomed 4 new members into the guild who have settled right in, are having fun (we haven’t been told otherwise!) and who co-incidentally have really helped our raid composition and ability to be flexible when forming our raid group.

If you are looking for a new guild that is still active and raiding please look us up in the in game guild recruitment and make an application, or whisper any of the officers Altisha, Corseca, Lylalaria, Sharmand, Shkar or Xialia. We don’t bite ( we promise), and will have a chat on discord to see if the guild is a good fit for you and also if you are a good fit for the guild and we’ll take it from there.

Charging into the Sanctum of Domination

A long time ago in a galaxy afterlife far far away Synfull ventured into the heart of Torghast to storm the Sanctum of Domination. With our trusted group of players full of Cunning, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent we headed for The Tarragrue. After battling some deaf ears (which Anima power should we ignore? The one you just picked Corseca..) we challenged and defeated our first boss in the Sactum of Domination.

Heading deeper in, we confronted the Eye of the Jailer, the Nine, Soulrender Dormazain, Remnant of Ner’zhul and then Painsmith. On Painsmith we hit a bit of a wall, or more accurately, lots of spikes. So we took a break, jumped into a fresh run and faced off against The Tarragrue again, this time on heroic. After successfully killing him, we continued to clear normal. After some adjustments we confidently (well, at least some of us) confronted Painsmith Raznal again and got him to face the floor.

Moving deeper yet into Torghast we faced Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, Guardian of the First Ones and Kel’Thuzad. After making quick work of these, we finally made it to Sylvannas. Under the expert leadership of Shkar, while our GM and usual raidleader was conspicuously absent, we challenged her, and the usual blizzard bugs. On what should have been the second, but turned out to be the third pull, Sylvannas went down and Synfull cleared 10/10 normal.

Now we’re full focus on Heroic, having gotten 3/10 down and getting closer to a Soulrender kill!

Stay tuned for the next update 😊

A night of rated pvp

Having cleared HC Nathria several times and achieving to get Curve for all our raiding members, boredom of seeing the same bosses over and over again was kicking in. As a primarily PVE-focussed guild we were looking for ways to keep the group together in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Was it going to transmogs? Or M+?

After consulting our regulars we found that people expressed interest in a PVP event. And so it began…

Ramped up by the inspiring leadership of Thomas and Dillan we got a nice rotating team ready to kick some horde ass. Unfortunately, the horde weren’t going to let us have our victories just that easy… Ganking all the way (or… trying at least), being obliterated by +1400 rated teams, we finally got what was rightfully ours; Our well deserved Call of Duty achievement for winning an RBG. Great job to all involved in this guild achievement.

It’s been a fantastic night folks. It was very impressive to see people were willing to step out for others and I can only say I’m hoping to see more RBG nights. Special thanks to Dillan and Thomas for stepping up to organise such an event. Toasting on many more to follow!


Castle Nathria Ahead of the Curve 16th April 2021

So after a great run of hc progression clearing a new HC boss per raid, and in particular SLG, it’s fair to say we hit a bit of a wall on HC Denathrius. Some raid bosses can be forgiving if there’s the odd error or two, however Denathrius isn’t forgiving in the slightest. Everyone has to be on their ‘A’ game, maximising dps uptime whilst doing mechanics meticulously.

So with our usual composition we worked hard to consistently get into P3, finessing P1 and P2 on every attempt, although Armand and Shkar quite often forgot to do ‘march of the penitent’ between P1 & P2 and a number of us were caught out by the ‘crescendo’ from cabalists coupled with ‘massacre’ often led to occasional wipes through being knocked off the platform or sliced by Remornia.

The thing that was really doing us over was ‘fatal finesse’ in P3 and then positioning whilst soaking ‘smouldering ire’. So after 80 odd pulls we realised that our usual 2/3/9 composition was making the kill elusive. So to keep motivation going we agreed to run 2/2/6.

With the smaller composition and smaller boss health pool we started to consistently get to 7% and then it happened in typical ‘synfull’ style we got the kill with 4 people alive including Purpleblade, Sharmand (even though he anked), Lylalaria and Ydrah.

Special mention to Altisha who as he was tossed off the platform into the abyss, taunted Denathrius to allow tank debuffs to drop off of Xialia to help with that last few percent.

Dedication of all raiders and our progression is fantastic as ever……we got the kill after 102 pulls (that’s 102 feasts, 10 cauldrons and at least 1500 augment runes) – well done everyone.

NB Post europhic raid note – interrogation of the logs revealed a trinket being used that caused some deaths in our raid runs… know who you are who are using ‘Splintered Heart of Al’ar’ – killing your fellow guildies to stay alive… Game of Thrones vocabulary ‘Shame…Shame….Shame’.

Now we are focussing on getting everyone AOTC before 9.1 drops when the fun begins all over again.

Stone Legion Generals HC fractured

On 26th March there we were looking at SLG and thinking will we or won’t we continue our streak of a progression HC kill per raid. We spent the first hour practising our approach using heroism to get us further each time into each sequential phase of the fight. Our hunters and their ‘turtling’ really helped in phase three with the soaking of eruptions and being tight on the crystallising / meteor mechanic allowed our healers to have an easier time of it.

Then on the 13th pull just after our usual drink and bio break everything came together, the phases went really smoothly and with heroism up for phase three we got the kill. Whilst really ecstatic we were all a little shell shocked that we’d managed to get SLG HC down in just over an hour. It just goes to show that calm, measured and regular communication during a pull can result in the most mechanic heavy of boss fights in Nathria being easily overcome.

We spent the rest of the raid reading up on Denathrius HC and practising phase 1 in preparation for the next raid. Will we continue our HC progression kill streak and down Denathrius HC next week, check back to find out….

Sludgefist HC pounded

On 23rd March, we were back in Castle Nathria staring down Sludgefist HC. Still riding high from the Council kill, anticipation was high that we’d continue to make progress by downing this dps check boss. With no 190 ilvl players in sight we settled in for the evening. It took us a while to get our eye back in and get used to the additional mechanic, plus we had some silly wipes due to the breaking of linked chains. In the end though with drill sergeant shkar charting the ranged group’s pathway through the rubble and active coherent and continuous communications from our main tanks Sludgefist fell on our 12th attempt.

With just under an hours raid time left we had a few euphoric attempts on Stone Legion Generals HC to see what we’d be up against in the next raid. Everyone’s looking forward to seeing if we can maintain our record of a HC kill per raid. Great job everyone , we are edging closer to getting curve.

Council of blood HC

On the 19th of March we had our first run as a new guild. Synfull went in super motivated and results speak for themselves! Having downed 4 hc bosses in the first hour, focus was on clearing the way to the Council to carry on progressing next Tuesday. With 6/10HC down, and about 15 minutes of raidtime left we decided to have a go at Council anyway. To everybody’s suprise, the boss that has been causing us such a headache for the last couple of weeks went down with our first try! Okay… 3 people left standing, but I didn’t hear any complaints and a kill is a kill in the end 😉

Fantastic job to everybody involved in the kill. Thanks for your focus for this raid and your trust in general. Special thanks to Thomas for bringing up a new tactic we haven’t yet tried. Onwards we go for Sludgefist!